What happened to the start of the best decade ever??

Wow! Anyone else feel a bit blindsided with how 2020 has gone so far? In what seems like the blink of an eye our lives were thrown into a tornado and priorities were quickly altered.I was creeping my own Facebook page the other night (don’t judge me) it was just what I needed to feedContinue reading “What happened to the start of the best decade ever??”

Run with Me!!

In all the years I have been with Young Living, I’ve never really talked much publicly about the business side. Not for any reason in particular, mostly it was because I wasn’t ever really doing the business. I signed up in 2017 because I had seen a friend of mine post a video of herContinue reading “Run with Me!!”

Spring Sale!!

I’m loving leaving work in daylight!!! That seemed like a long dark winter and I’m so excited that spring is just around the corner! I love watching the trees and flowers start to bloom. What I don’t love is the burning puffy eyes or the stuffy nose!!! It’s already begun for me so I’m makingContinue reading “Spring Sale!!”