My Journey

I’ve added a new page 💞 Not so long ago I couldn’t stand sharing my experiences with people. It somehow felt like I was moaning and in a way I was. It seemed like we were on a streak of rotten luck for so long. I couldn’t see through it all. Today I look backContinue reading “My Journey”

Finding Fitness in an Uncertain World

Are you uncertain about your health and fitness? In my continuing series about finding certainty in an uncertain world, we’re focusing on a category that most people tend to take for granted . . . until a global pandemic delivers the ultimate wake-up call. If you were unsure whether your immune system was healthy enoughContinue reading “Finding Fitness in an Uncertain World”

Spring Sale!!

I’m loving leaving work in daylight!!! That seemed like a long dark winter and I’m so excited that spring is just around the corner! I love watching the trees and flowers start to bloom. What I don’t love is the burning puffy eyes or the stuffy nose!!! It’s already begun for me so I’m makingContinue reading “Spring Sale!!”