Start Dreaming & Decide what YOU want!

If your life isn’t giving you the satisfaction you want—if you’re not happy, balanced and growing—let’s work on deciding what you want.

Being the New Kid on The Block

Starting a new career after 14+ years in another……in your late 30’s with a young child is hard! And as women we tend to put extra pressure on ourselves wearing many hats throughout the day. Yesterday was a test for me but I conquered my fears and am feeling pretty proud of myself. If youContinue reading “Being the New Kid on The Block”

Family Certainty In An Uncertain World

This is a tough question, I know, but as part of my continuing series on finding certainty in an uncertain world, I’ve got to ask: During the recent shutdown, was your family supportive, loving . . . there for you? Did your marriage improve or decline? If the worst happened, would you be okay withContinue reading “Family Certainty In An Uncertain World”