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Run with Me!!

In all the years I have been with Young Living, I've never really talked much publicly about the business side. Not for any reason in particular, mostly it was because I wasn't ever really doing the business. I signed up in 2017 because I had seen a friend of mine post a video of her… Continue reading Run with Me!!


Sneaking Interior design into my life

I'm not sure if I was supposed to be an interior designer in another life or if it's just a really fun hobby of mine. The feeling of satisfaction I get from walking back into a room I have finally finished is thrilling. While my skill may not be on par with HGTV it's something… Continue reading Sneaking Interior design into my life


Just a Girl and her Dog

Ozzy had 4 years as an only dog with 2 members of his pack (we didn't win in the dog training department) To be honest I was really worried when we were expecting Abigail that he would change. I had read so many articles about dogs that turned on new babies or children resulting in… Continue reading Just a Girl and her Dog


Women’s hormones! Are we ever really balanced?

Ahhhhh us females! Aren't we built just so perfectly complicated & amazing?! We all know how it begins...puberty & the crazy moods. Periods - bring on pimples, cramps, boob pain, nausea for some (ME) ovulation pain. We're happy & sad & mad. We can laugh and cry at the same time, Pregnancy includes pretty much… Continue reading Women’s hormones! Are we ever really balanced?

learning how to use your oils

Finding your perfect Oil

Whether it's Peppermint for energy or Frankincense to calm the nerves, is there really a perfect oil when there are so many to choose from? I have a few techniques that I like to use when deciding on what oil to use and when. Shop the look: Click Here Welcome! I'm so happy you have… Continue reading Finding your perfect Oil