Being the New Kid on The Block

Starting a new career after 14+ years in another……in your late 30’s with a young child is hard! And as women we tend to put extra pressure on ourselves wearing many hats throughout the day. Yesterday was a test for me but I conquered my fears and am feeling pretty proud of myself. If youContinue reading “Being the New Kid on The Block”

My Journey

I’ve added a new page 💞 Not so long ago I couldn’t stand sharing my experiences with people. It somehow felt like I was moaning and in a way I was. It seemed like we were on a streak of rotten luck for so long. I couldn’t see through it all. Today I look backContinue reading “My Journey”

All the Emotions!

Have you ever had a short, but negative interaction bother you for days and ended up feeling stuck in your emotions?A negative energy, fueled by anger, sadness, empathy, or frustration can reach a pressure point until you finally explode like a volcano! I had a week like this last month. It wasn’t my life inContinue reading “All the Emotions!”