The Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins —

I just adore this post! I have had such a stressful few weeks at work. I’ve had my moments where I have felt bitter or angry and even envious at times. My day to day life has not really changed much with lock down, and I am very thankful for this but I am tired! Long busy days are dragging me down.

I lucked out this evening, Abigail and Steve both crashed out at 8pm after a busy day together. I knew I needed this time to reflect so I turned the TV off and got my oils out. I opted for a blend of orange, lemon and peppermint and rolled this all over my neck and wrists. It was just the pick me up I needed tonight.

Once I could feel the dark clouds fading away I grabbed a chocolate bar and a bag of candy (like you wound’t do that too if you didn’t have to share) I propped myself up on the couch with my laptop, Abigail’s fluffy Dora blanket wrapped around me, and started scrolling through my WordPress reader. I had no objective to read anything in particular but something different than a Facebook news feed plastered with Covid Meme’s was a must.

I lucked out and came across this post by SaaniaSparkle. Her words were exactly what I needed tonight. So beautifully and truthfully written. She has inspired me to make a gratitude list and while I am not done yet I have quickly realized my gratitude totally trumps my list of woes.

The Struggle ends when gratitude begins – Such true words

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous When things seem tough, it is so easy for all the positivity to lose its place in my heart. But as I am beginning to consult life in a deeper way, I am starting to find an endless amount of things to be grateful for. When […]

The Struggle Ends When Gratitude Begins —

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