All the Emotions!

I have not felt like writing in a while. Life got crazy and I have felt trapped in this whirlwind of chaos. With additional work stress, so much uncertainty and fear around the world and dealing with family members passing away, I’ve honestly not had much to say.

I am in need of a reset today and support for many days and weeks to follow. I am working this into my daily routine indefinitely until the madness clears.

I like to reference to this video by Pamela Hunter.

I find working along with her in this protocol so relaxing. It’s almost like a guided meditation.

Take care my friends and I hope that you are able to take some much needed time for yourselves as we try to figure out this new normal.

Suzanne McNeil | Life Coach

Have you ever had a short, but negative interaction bother you for days and ended up feeling stuck in your emotions?
A negative energy, fueled by anger, sadness, empathy, or frustration can reach a pressure point until you finally explode like a volcano!

I had a week like this last month. It wasn’t my life in chaos, but I felt like everyone around me was going through a really hard time one way or another and there was nothing I could do to make any of it better. I was walking around with my eyebrows feeling like they were joining with my eyelids. Haha!

I started to feel annoyed with myself and knew I needed a reset. It can be hard for us to recognize our emotions sometimes. It is so much easier to suppress those yucky feelings than to acknowledge, feel & process them.
Luckily I had annoyed myself…

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