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Run with Me!!

In all the years I have been with Young Living, I’ve never really talked much publicly about the business side. Not for any reason in particular, mostly it was because I wasn’t ever really doing the business.

I signed up in 2017 because I had seen a friend of mine post a video of her 2 year old all calm, ready to fall asleep and just totally chill.

Abigail was TWO! She does NOT lay calm in her bed! What was this magic?!

I flipped my frizzy mum bun back, wiped the tear from my eye, made sure Abigail wasn’t going to bounce off her bed and messaged Laura! She was so helpful. I asked her what kind of witch craft that was that made children sleep, I poured my heart out to her and next thing I was ordering a kit. Laura is amazing and even drove up to my house that night to cast a spell on Abigail……. Kidding of course! She brought me a sleep spray to try out while I waited for my kit to arrive.

She signed me up for Essential Rewards so that I could get a free bottle of Orange oil and 10 points, I was going to cancel as soon as I received my order since I only needed some to whip up a few potions I had Googled. I tried the NingXia Red pouches and decided to order once more and then quit.

A few months later me and my bestie were chilling out on the couch, ok! so we were a few bottles of wine into the evening and chatting about oils. With one eye open we ordered her a kit and a couple of days later we found out how amazing the Young Living Customer support team really is! We had put her address and credit card information in wrong and also forgot all passwords that were picked at sign up. They were incredibly helpful and got it all sorted out! Fast forward a couple of more weeks and I received a cheque for $65 from Young Living!

I still wasn’t doing the business though!

About 6 or so months into having my kit, Steve was starting to claim certain oils of mine and I was getting really annoyed with him! I liked that he was using them but I could never find the PanAway when I needed it. So we got him signed up for his own account and I got another $65 deposited to my bank account.

Needless to say I started to become more and more curious about the business, because why would I not want to get paid for doing something that I love! My entire hobby was getting paid for and I like free fun!!

Today some amazing business bonuses were announced by Young Living and I’m ready to get in on the action! I’m looking for people to run with me, not just for the income potential we all have but because I want a team of people who are going to fall in love with the company and the oils well before the love of money!

One of my most precious gifts out of this company is the wonderful group of women and yes men as well that I have got to know over the years. My most valued friendships have been created through this and I can’t imagine my life without them a part of it!

Fun Fact: You don’t have to live in Canada to join me! There are markets all over the globe and I can get you set up!

If you are interested in learning more about the business opportunities or even if you’re totally not interested like I wasn’t shoot me an email at
~k ~ c ~

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