But I have a house cleaner!

I am not about to say that I am any sort of domesticated goddess, I’m actually quite the opposite! I loath cleaning, it annoys me and gets in the way of everything else that I want to do! I dislike it so much that I have a wonderful lady (also a good friend of mine) who comes over 3 hours weekly and works her ass off. We return home after a long day of work, pre-school/daycare and meetings to a hotel style, clean and tidy home!

Abigail still gets so excited 2 years later and runs to check out her bedroom immediately, squeaking with excitement and saying “thank you Victoria, I love it!”

Victoria always leaves a sweet little token for the day. From Teddy bears sitting together in a chair with a book, setting up a mass amount of oils into the shape of a heart or arranging bed throws into a bow. There is always something special left for us.

A Heart of Oils

As amazing as she is though, it would would be wrong of me to ignore the moments where Abigail doesn’t quite make it to the bathroom in time or laundry, dishes, wiping the counters down. I can’t escape the daily things but I can have fun with mixing up cleaning potions and get Abigail involved at the same time I don’t have to worry about any nasty harsh toxins!

Thieves Household Cleaner

Young Living has a full line up of Thieves products. The first one I tried was Thieves essential oil, it came in the kit that I had ordered. I added about 5 drops of this with purification to a cup of baking soda and used as a carpet deodorizer. Let me tell you, with a 100 pound black and white dog who sheds his weight in fur a day this gets done often!

On my next order I went for the Thieves Essential Rewards kit and got to try a good chunk of what they had available. It included Household Cleaner, Dish soap, Essential Oil 5ml, Foaming hand soap, Laundry Soap, Fruit & Veggie spray, Hand Purifier, and toothpaste.

The household cleaner is amazing! I hacked my swiffer so that I could use this for the quick floor cleanups. You only need a cap full for most things that you make up since it is high concentrate.

This spot cleaner was fantastic!!! Check out the difference on the white part of my rug!

This had AMAZING results!

I bought this beautiful sink when we renovated the kitchen, I didn’t realize just how easy it would stain! Before Thieves I had tried commet and even a bleach soak and nothing made it white again & I was so bummed out that my pretty sink looked scummy!

Sink Scrub

For the scrub a got an old Tupperware container and mixed together 1/2 cups of Baking Soda, 2 caps fulls of the household cleaner, 1/2 Tablespoon of white vinegar and 15 drops of lemon essential oil (also in my kit)

I spread the paste around and let it sit for a couple of hours then added some warm water to make the scrubbing a bit easier. I used a sponge to scrub and then rinsed it all away. I was pretty skeptical so I also sprayed it with an all purpose cleaner I had made. The results above are proof that this plant cleaner is like no other!

I could go on forever about Thieves! It’s smells great and it’s a fast safe alternative for my family when we need to do a quick clean up!

Tell me your best cleaning tips! Do you have a cleaner come around to your palace or do you have a routine to get it all done?!

For more tips or information feel free to email me at contact@kcessentials.net

~ k ~ c ~

2 thoughts on “But I have a house cleaner!

  1. We did have a cleaner when we lived in Jamaica and I worked outside of the home. It was great to come home every day to a lovely clean home that was smelling fresh too.


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