Raising a Warrior Taurus Princess!

A few nights ago I was not winning at this whole parenting thing! It had been an evening of Abigail fighting against me for everything I had asked her to do. An hour and a half into bedtime I had reached my limit, I wanted to scream and run away. Why did she not understand that after a full day of work all I needed was an hour of quiet time? OK of course she doesn’t understand this, she’s 4 and my expectations were high in that respect, but she does need sleep and once the clock passes 8pm I know the following morning is going to become a battle to wake up my sleep loving Taurus and get her but in gear for daycare.

Once she fell asleep I took to Google, like most parents do when needing answers. My first searches were like this, “how to get my strong willed child to listen” “How do I get through to a stubborn kid” Then mum guilt took over and I felt awful as if I was secretly calling my child names in this random Google bar.

I sat chatting with my husband, trying to figure out what had happened to make her so hyper that day and down right determined to stay awake and play all night. I can’t remember what he said but he jokingly referred to the behavior as bullish. A light bulb went off! She is a Taurus! It’s in the stars!

Off to Google I went again and searched “How does the Pisces mother parent her Taurus child?” The first one caught my eye right away! A site by twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut. I felt like I was reading Abigail’s biography! From being like Ferdinand the Bull, chilling out in a field to the Tasmanian Devil who is unstoppable! There seems to be no middle ground!

I relate!!! Help me!!!!!!!

It was a shut up and take my money moment, so I bought the book for my Kindle right away and I will be getting the hardcover because this is the first parenting handbook I can actually follow since I don’t relate to many of the others out there. I find most parenting books to have a sense of judgement, like if you don’t follow these rules, your child will end up as a degenerate entitled POS or something along those lines. Or they over simplify it to cuddle and coddle your child until they know you love them and they can do no wrong. Hello snowflake generation!

I want to embrace her personality, because as frustrating as the days & nights might be on occasion, she is a lovely, compassionate, caring, funny, strong minded & creative little girl. The last thing I want to do is crush her spirit, but I do want her to be a respectful member of society at the same time.

Momstrology is broken into sections for an easy yet captivating read. They start by explaining the characteristics of the child’s zodiac sign, then to the parents. The cherry on top is the chapter that matches the child to the parent! I have been looking for this book for years! I’ve finished the best part which is how me, the go with the flow, somewhat emotional dreamer of a Pisces can parent the Taurus and do exactly what I described above.

It has been only two days since finding this life saving book and already I am noticing a difference in how me and my girl interact with each other.

It got me curious about incorporating some different essential oils into the mix as well. I wanted to see if her little earth sign would have a better response for focus, calming down or just taming the bull.

For the moments when she is being “inflexible” I have taken to putting Pine, Marjoram & Peppermint in the diffuser. She loves to help by adding the oils and water into the diffuser and wafting the steam into her face. This has always been a little bonding moment for the two if us so I see this as a double win.

Bedtime! A parents worst nightmare! I have changed our routine a bit the last two nights. This can be really unsettling for little bulls as they strive more with fixed routines, on the flip side having a routine that sticks with this passive Pisces of a mum can be a challenge all on its own.

For myself, I am oiling up with Frankincense before I begin, this will assist in keeping me grounded and not giving in to every additional requested story or glass of water.

Abigail helps put together her Owl diffuser before brushing her teeth and washing her face. Since little Taureans like to maintain some control I decided to give her a select few to chose from. Abigail picked Northern Lights Black Spruce for her diffuser and a roller mixed with Cedarwood and Lavender for her feet.

Did I mention that my husband is also a Taurus? Abigail blessed us on his 38th birthday 4 years ago. I may be out numbered here but I’m looking forward to getting my head back into the amazing qualities of our Zodiac personalities.

What are some routines you have? Better yet if you’re a Pisces mum working on raising a strong and confident Taurus give me your tips!!!

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