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But I have a house cleaner!

I am not about to say that I am any sort of domesticated goddess, I'm actually quite the opposite! I loath cleaning, it annoys me and gets in the way of everything else that I want to do! I dislike it so much that I have a wonderful lady (also a good friend of mine)… Continue reading But I have a house cleaner!

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Spring Sale!!

I'm loving leaving work in daylight!!! That seemed like a long dark winter and I'm so excited that spring is just around the corner! I love watching the trees and flowers start to bloom. What I don't love is the burning puffy eyes or the stuffy nose!!! It's already begun for me so I'm making… Continue reading Spring Sale!!

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All the Emotions!

Have you ever had a short, but negative interaction bother you for days and ended up feeling stuck in your emotions?A negative energy, fueled by anger, sadness, empathy, or frustration can reach a pressure point until you finally explode like a volcano! I had a week like this last month. It wasn't my life in… Continue reading All the Emotions!


Sneaking Interior design into my life

I'm not sure if I was supposed to be an interior designer in another life or if it's just a really fun hobby of mine. The feeling of satisfaction I get from walking back into a room I have finally finished is thrilling. While my skill may not be on par with HGTV it's something… Continue reading Sneaking Interior design into my life


Just a Girl and her Dog

Ozzy had 4 years as an only dog with 2 members of his pack (we didn't win in the dog training department) To be honest I was really worried when we were expecting Abigail that he would change. I had read so many articles about dogs that turned on new babies or children resulting in… Continue reading Just a Girl and her Dog


Why are we so hooked on Young Living?

What is it about Young Living that seems to have people hooked from the minute they go to their first class? Is it their Seed to Seal standards? The pure aroma of Lavender? Maybe it's the opportunity to work from home? For me it's the freebies, and the Lavender! I can't go a day without… Continue reading Why are we so hooked on Young Living?


Women’s hormones! Are we ever really balanced?

Ahhhhh us females! Aren't we built just so perfectly complicated & amazing?! We all know how it begins...puberty & the crazy moods. Periods - bring on pimples, cramps, boob pain, nausea for some (ME) ovulation pain. We're happy & sad & mad. We can laugh and cry at the same time, Pregnancy includes pretty much… Continue reading Women’s hormones! Are we ever really balanced?

Working Women

Oil up for Work!

Monday is here! I've slept in, not made our lunches, forgot to hang my suit up, I have a conference call at 8:30am sharp, my 4 year old wants to collect all of her toys and be a fairy before daycare and now I can't find my keys! Life happens my friends, and working a… Continue reading Oil up for Work!